Use Cases

Aluminium refining

In Aluminium refining, different kinds of old Aluminium scrap are melted to produce, mostly, casting alloys for foundries, supplied according to standards and/or customer specifications. In one of the refining plants novel sensors for analysis of the incoming scrap types will be applied. In the second plant a sensorised scrap preheating system will be installed. Both plants will be equipped with model predictive control and decision support systems to optimize melting processes, for varying charge mix and energy efficiency, respectively.

Charging of aluminum scrap melting furnace
Aluminium scrap – bundles
Tapping of Aluminium refining furnace
Aluminium Scrap – turnings
Aluminium scrap – wheel rims
Aluminium scrap – sheets
Aluminium scrap – chips
Aluminium products- aluminium bars

Liquid steelmaking

In liquid steelmaking, scrap is one of the most important metallic input materials. Novel sensors for characterisation of the composition of different scrap types will be applied, to enable the selection of the quality and cost optimal scrap mix. Decision support and model-based control tools will allow to operate the melting processes in oxygen and electric steelmaking in an energy and resource efficient way.


Crap yard in the street plant with boxes for differnt scrap types
Liquid steelmaking process route of the oxygen steelmaking plant at ArcelorMittal Bremen with retrofitting tools
Charging of oxygen steelmaking converter
Liquid steelmaking process route of the electric steelmaking plant at Sidenor Basauri with retrofitting tools
Charging of Electric Art Furnace for srap melting at Sidenor

Lead production

The lead production process is based on the recycling of lead batteries and other lead containing scrap. Novel sensors will be applied for monitoring of the pyrometallurgical process and for scrap characterisation. Furthermore model-based monitoring and control tools will be applied to improve the process efficiency.

Rotary furnaces in the kettle area of the EXIDE lead recycling plant
Charging of rotary furnace
Top view of rotary furnaces
Lead bars as products of recycling process
Process route at San Esteban plant of Exide