Results as Public Deliverables

Deliverable 1.1 – Variability of Feedstock

Deliverable 1.4 – Challenges Scope of LCA

Deliverable 2.5 – Material Flow Analysis created

Deliverable 3.3 – LIBS sensor tested with scrap samples at laboratory and ready for installation

Deliverable 4.1 – On-line monitoring systems 

Deliverable 4.5 – Software as a Service tool for Furnace Performance Management 

Deliverable 5.1 – Charge mix optimisation implemented in steel plants

Deliverable 5.2 – Material flow analysis for steel plant 

Deliverable 6.5 – Material Flow Analysis applied and validated for aluminium plant

Deliverable 7.4 – Material Flow Analysis applied and validated for lead plant

Deliverable 8.1 – Technical evaluation of the different retrofitting solutions

Deliverable 8.2 – Preliminary economic assessment  

Deliverable 8.3 – LCA for assessment of environmetal impact reduction

Deliverable 8.4 – Report on cross-sectorial transferability of retrofitting solutions

Deliverable 9.1Project web site leaflet press releases

Deliverable 9.3 – Final-exploitation-workshop

Deliverable 9.4 – Joint-dissemination-workshop-with-other-projects

Open access publications

Model-based Decision Support System for EAF online Monitoring and Control

Comparison of Detectors with Pulse Shape Discrimination Capability for Simultaneous Detection of Gamma-rays, Slow and Fast Neutrons.

Combustion of a Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) Produced from the Polymeric Fraction of Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR)

A system for Elemental Analysys of Aluminium Chips, based on Neutron Activation Analytics

Exploitable results

AZTERLAN Alu-Q® Melt Quality multi-measurement instrument for Aluminium Alloys