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Public Deliverables for Download

D 1.1Variability of FeedstockDeliverable 1.1
D 1.4Challenges Scope of LCADeliverable 1.4
D 2.5Material Flow Analysis createdDeliverable 2.5
D 3.3LIBS sesnsor tested with scrap saples at laboratory and ready for installationDeliverable
D 4.1On-line monitoring systemsDeliverable 4.1
D 5.2Material flow analysis for steel plant at SidenorDeliverable 5.2
D 9.1Project web site leaflet press releasesDeliverable 9.1
D 4.5Software as a Service tool for Furnace Performance ManagementDeliverable 4.5
D 5.1Charge mix optimization implemented in steel plantsDeliverable 5.1
D 6.5Material Flow Analysis applied and validated for aluminium plant at Grupal ArtDeliverable 6.5
D 7.4Material flow analysis applied and validated for lead plant at ExideDeliverable 7.4
D 8.2Preliminary economic assessmentDeliverable 8.2
D 9.3Final exploitation workshopDeliverable 9.3
D 9.4Joint dissemination workshop with other projectsDeliverable 9.4